Hi, I’m Hussein Ghaly, Linguist, Translator and Writer

My Message

There is a lot of unnecessary suffering in this world. We humans have come a long way, with knowledge, technology and moral codes, but still we suffer a lot.

We suffer in reality with all those of us living in fear, hunger and overall deprivation. We also suffer more in our minds with all frustration and confusion we face every day.

I really hope we can do something about this suffering. Something concrete. I hope I can do something about it.

Language is my field, this is what I do to make the world better. I have been working as a translator for many years. I also did my Masters and PhD in linguistics, mainly computational linguistics, to let computers learn how to work with language. In addition, I also have learned a few languages (Arabic my native language, English, German and French), and started to learn few others, hoping to learn every possible language in the world.

I’m also very fascinated with reading and writing. I like to read science fiction and fantasy, and it is amazing that an author can build a whole world, with every detail in it, with their words. When I write, I feel all this power to create, and to turn abstract ideas into people and events that we can relate to.

In addition, working at several companies and organizations throughout my career, I also learned the importance of knowledge, and how to preserve it and communicate it through language.

Therefore, I’ll be talking about all of these here, hoping this will be useful to some, and hoping it will move us an inch towards a better world with less suffering.


MSc Mechanical Engineering, American University in Cairo

MA Computational Linguistics, The City University of New York

PhD Computational Linguistics, The City University of New York


I have been working with translation, language technology, language learning and Artificial intelligence for almost two decades.


Translator and computational linguist at the United Nations, since 2009


Language, translation, AI, reading, writing, knowledge management and self-improvement.