Line Break Script

A simple script for replacing line breaks with html breaks "< br >", when filling browser forms that do not support line breaks

Download Line Break Script


  • Download the zip file, do not click "discard", instead click on the arrow next to it and choose "keep"
  • unzip the file into some folder
  • go to the unzipped folder, double click on the file "run-script"
  • Now you will have a green "H" in the task bar in the lower right corner, if you hover with your mouse over it, it will say "br-script"
  • Usage:

    When the "H" icon is in the task bar, go as follows:
  • select any text
  • press F8, the selected text will go to the clipboard, the line breaks replaced with "< BR >"
  • now paste the clipboard that contains your text where you need to

  • Autom8 (Old script for automating lookup functions, some of the functions below are no longer supported)

    Autom8 is a friendly software that enables translators and reference and terminology specialists in automating some of the most reptitive tasks they need to do as part of their work. It is developed by Hussein Ghaly

    Download Current Version: 1.0

    The main automated functions included are:

  • UNTerm Portal functions: search the portal or specific search into particular terminology base - including the requested CHTERM_UNHQ combination), in addition to acronym lookup from previous UNTerm.
  • TAPTA Functions: Similar to TAPTA autohotkey I previously developed before which was enhanced by Bruno, to translate the highlighted text by TAPTA and put the best translation in clipboard so that translators can paste it. The other function is getting the multiple possible translations obtained by TAPTA.
  • Document Access Functions: Given the document symbol, we can get either: 1- the bitext (source language - target language) obtained from Vienna bitext repository 2- The source language document in MS Word (.doc) format from docbox 3- The target language document also in MS Word format from docbox
  • Country Name Translation (Available Only in Arabic): Translator can highlight a text containing a number of country names, and can either send them to be translated in their original order, or by the alphabetical order in the target language. There is some validation about the number of country names included and whether any of them has typo or not mentioned with the formal name.
  • Other lookup functions: Users can automatically look up any word or expression in the English dictionary Merriam Webster, or in the Multilingual Dictionary Word Reference, or in Wikipedia.

  • Installation

    The installation of this tool is very simple. Just download the latest version from and unzip it somewhere. Then run autom8.exe, which will copy the needed configuration files to the user's computer, then highlight any text and press F2, so the main interface window opens. From this window users can perform any of the actions above, or configure the languages, shortcut keys and visible functions according to their particular needs.